About the Couch and the Interrobang Team

One boring October day we went to the only coffee shop in suburban Newtown, PA we came up with the idea to create an anonymous underground zine. We needed a medium outside the available literary magazines in which to take risks. Every month the zine would be published in a smoke filled basement room secretly scattered around our campus, waiting to be found. This is our story.

~ The Interrobang Team

Before me rose a mountain range, old and forgotten: a vista of West Virginia Appalachia, yet somehow familiar. My mind tossed and turned in search – I knew those colors… the crusted peaks of a forgotten zit, old and overlooked. And as I felt the despair of the crusted sit it began to open slowly, and out oozed the little frustrated children. I watched in amused confusion as they cleaned themselves, wiping from their hair the fluffy white stuffing of a couch. Then I understood. The mountain’s wizened zit was naught but a rip, a tear in the leather of a sofa.

Turning over again, my hand thumps against the floor and without opening my sleep-encrusted eyes I felt around in the darkness, searching for something that would bring me out of the absurd. I sit up, and crack open my eyes to observe the dusty pile of objects I have just dragged onto my lap. Atop the mountain of things from beneath my bed lies the first issue of a zine entitled “Things that got Lost in the Couch.” I sneezed.


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