The Paperclip

The Paperclip


the great ache

I just picked up my journal from 5 years ago – a thing so full of complaint I am scared to open the frayed pages. I needed that then, but that’s not me anymore. Now I need a place for secrets – for emotions – because my emotions are all too often secrets (except when I’m drinking). These days I am happy – excessively so. Right now. But I’m scared because there are so many things that I haven’t felt – like love. I feel like I’ve lost that emotion in the wind and it’s disappeared – even the unromantic kind. Did I ever really know it? I ache, not love. But I ache a lot. I ache at beauty. I ache at friendship. I ache at the vivid memory of a mountain peak. Regardless, the ache is a feeling that is so strong it is my proof of humanity.¬†Image

The Zine’s Resurrection

Please join us in 2012 with an all new “Couch” in blog form. Submit your art and poems, your favorite quotes and ramblings, your reviews and your rants. Every so often we will collect from this blog and create a print copy of the zine for mailing (details for how to get on our mailing list coming soon). Happy New Year!

42 by Aline

Rout 42, the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.

As in much of my work, each image in this series combines two images; two separate street corners which come together through the continuity of the structure of the buss stop. The structure itself comes through the chaos of the multiple images because the two little buildings in the separate images lay directly on top of each other creating a clarity from their similitude, a clarity that is not present in any of the rest of the frame.